Frequently asked questions

Frequently asked questions2020-03-22T22:34:29-04:00
How should I contact FIRSTCALL?2020-03-22T22:35:09-04:00

Call 1.800.382.2377 to contact us for any reason.

For a specific need, such as billing or fax numbers, check out our Contact Us page.

Who owns FIRSTCALL?2020-03-22T22:35:09-04:00

FIRSTCALL is a non-profit wholly-owned subsidiary of Main Line Health System, a six-hospital health system located in the western suburbs of Philadelphia. EAP services have been our only business since 1985. Backed by the rich health care resources of our parent company Main Line Health, FirstCall delivers a superior quality service to our customers.

How is FIRSTCALL’s EAP program different?2016-03-22T12:54:08-04:00

FIRSTCALL has developed an integrated program that offers our customers referrals to many of our service areas with a single phone call. For example, should a customer require information on nursing homes for a parent, legal and financial services will also be offered to assist with the original presented issue. With a single phone call, users can access a wide variety of services.

Are EAP’s cost effective?2016-03-22T12:54:08-04:00

An EAP’s early intervention and referral service has been shown to be effective at reducing the cost of treatment under a medical plan. Keeping claims under the medical plan low results in a lower medical plan premium at renewal. As the cost of the medical plan far exceeds the cost of the EAP program, studies have estimated that for every $1 spent on an EAP program results in a $3 savings in other employee benefit programs.

What services are available for managers/supervisors?2016-03-22T12:54:08-04:00

FIRSTCALL’s covered services include unlimited telephonic support to managers and supervisors. FIRSTCALL EAP counselors may coach the manager/supervisor to appropriately handle difficult situations. Manager referrals to the EAP are recommended when an employee’s issues have impacted his/her job performance.

Why would someone call the EAP?2020-03-22T22:35:09-04:00

Personal problems can easily become personnel problems. An Employee Assistance Program helps employees and their family members sort out the difficulties that may be causing them trouble in the workplace. The quotes below are from employees who have consulted our EAP for assistance:

We just broke up. I can’t sleep, eat, concentrate… I just can’t turn off my thinking… wondering what went wrong. I hate waking up in the morning knowing I have to face another day. I need help so I can move-on. I plan to contact FIRSTCALL to talk to someone about this. After all…it is free.

School will be ending soon and I need to make summertime arrangements for my kids. I am contacting FIRSTCALL to learn what is available and affordable for me.

My ex-wife wants to change our custody agreement. This is going to cost me more money because now I’ll have to hire a lawyer again. Maybe this time I will contact FIRSTCALL and get an attorney at a discount

Her father died last month and she misses him so much. She can’t sleep very well. I recommended FIRSTCALL to her. Grief reactions take many forms. By contacting the EAP for bereavement counseling she can get support to move through the distress of the loss.

My mother has diabetes and needs me to help her with her shots. I have to come to work one hour later than I’m scheduled. My health care advocate through FIRSTCALL provided some options that give me some flexibility.

I feel exhausted and so very alone. My parent needs attention due to diminishing health. What has helped is the online community from FIRSTCALL. I use Care Space and really get a boost so I can face the next day.

I’m stressed out… I’m tired, I have to work overtime to get this project done, my house is a mess, I can’t get to the grocery store so we’re eating pizza three times a week. My husband is stretched too. So, I asked FIRSTCALL to do research on getting some help at home. Boy…it has made a big difference! Maybe I will keep this up after the project too.

My mother is sick and needs help at home. I’m going to have to work fewer hours this month so I can take care of her. In addition, FIRSTCALL guided me to resources for other supports during this difficult time.

One of the people in our work-group isn’t pulling his weight and so the rest of us have to work harder to make up for that person. This situation wears on me and I find it hard to be motivated on the job. I met with a FIRSTCALL counselor and we brainstormed ways for me to get out of this rut.

How much drinking is too much? I think my spouse is drinking too much? She’s also missing a lot of work lately and acting very irritable. Maybe I will check out that quiz on the FIRSTCALL website to get a perspective on her drinking behavior.

I am always on the run between work and kid activities. It is so handy to use LiveConnect to make my request for resources on the fly! I would never remember otherwise.

I feel exhausted and so very alone. My parent needs attention due to diminishing health. What has helped is the online community from FIRSTCALL. I use Care Space and really get a boost so I can face the next day.

I’m really getting into online shopping. eCommerce makes things so easy for me and when I use the Savings Center from FIRSTCALL, I feel like I get great deals all in one spot!

I think my teenager is using drugs. My FIRSTCALL counselor asked me some strategic questions and helped me develop a plan to talk to her. I do not want to accuse since maybe the behavior is normal adolescence. If the matter does involve substance abuse, I have some numbers to call for help.

I can’t answer the phone at home because bill collectors are hounding me. I contacted FIRSTCALL and learned how to consolidate our student loan debt. Makes things much easier for me to track!

I have an employee that’s driving me crazy. I like him and he does a good job but he’s late a couple times a week and is always in my office complaining. I know he needs the job because he supports four kids I will consult with someone at FIRSTCALL to develop a script for addressing this attendance behavior and attitude.

I’m so upset about the shooting. I can’t sleep sometimes I just start crying when I see a picture or news story about the shooting. Will I ever get over this?

How do I make an appointment?2016-03-22T12:54:08-04:00

Call our toll-free telephone number, 1.800.382.2377, 24 hours, seven days a week.

  • The phone is answered by a trained counselor who will assess your need and provide helpful, professional, and courteous assistance.
  • You will be asked to name your employer/organization and to discuss your reasons for calling.
  • The counselor will help you determine a plan of action, assist with making an appointment, transfer you to other services when appropriate or arrange for immediate help when needed.

Appointments are available mornings, afternoons and evenings with consultants near your work site and home.

In what areas does EAP help?2020-03-22T22:35:09-04:00

FIRSTCALL EAP can help individuals who experience difficult or stressful situations in their lives due to factors at work or at home. For problems with stress, anxiety, depression, substance abuse, relationship difficulties, health concerns, legal or financial difficulties, childcare or eldercare needs, FIRSTCALL can offer services which may help you to resolve those problems. Click here for a list of sample issues.

How does the FIRSTCALL program work?2020-03-22T22:35:09-04:00

All of FIRSTCALL’s services can be accessed via our toll-free number. Keeping the program simple and easy to use will improve your satisfaction with the program, and will more easily connect you to the services you need. Upon contacting FIRSTCALL, you will speak with a live counselor who will assess your situation and help make the appropriate referral. For more about making an appointment, visit the contact us page. In addition, many non-counseling services may be accessed through our website or via telephone.

Who is eligible?2016-03-22T12:54:08-04:00

FIRSTCALL’s Employee Assistance Program is an employer-sponsored service that covers the employees of our customer companies and members of their household.  Additional eligibility is for dependents up to age 26.

What does FIRSTCALL EAP offer?2016-03-22T12:54:08-04:00

FIRSTCALL offers a variety of services to help employers and their employees deal with situations that affect their performance at work or at home. Our customized plans may include the following services: short-term counseling, eldercare and childcare resourcing, legal and financial resources, health advocacy services, employee training, health risk assessments, wellness coaching, nurse hotline, and organizational development. Please see our services page for a description of FIRSTCALL’s full range of services.

What is an EAP?2020-03-22T22:35:09-04:00

EAPA memberThe professional association for the Employee Assistance (EAPA) defines an EAP as a professional worksite-based program designed to assist 1) work organizations in addressing productivity issues and 2) “employee clients” in identifying and resolving personal concerns, including, but not limited to, health, marital, family, financial, alcohol, drug, legal, emotional, stress, or other personal issues that may affect job performance. In addition, an EAP may offer additional services to help with the complexities of daily living. These may include legal and work/life services.

Certified Employee Assistance Professionals (CEAPS) are uniquely trained to interface with workplace organizations and with end user clients.

FIRSTCALL is a member of the professional organization; with highly experienced staff in leadership roles locally and internationally.