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Mastering the principles of positive thinking

You can learn to think positively, and doing so can lead to greater self-confidence, more respect for others and achievement of your goals. The late Dr. Norman Vincent Peale's best-selling classic, The Power of Positive Thinking, has inspired millions of people in more than 130 countries. The principles it teaches are as timely today as [...]

Need help getting organized?

Do you accumulate all kinds of "stuff" and have a hard time getting rid of things that you really don't need? Those are just two of the characteristics of the chronically disorganized, according to the nonprofit Institute for Challenging Disorganization. If you want to be more organized, experts say the first step is to attack [...]

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Seniors can maximize happiness by minimizing clutter

A place for everything… and everything all over the place. If this statement could replace the "Home Sweet Home" sign over your door—that is, if you can find the door—then you may have a problem with clutter. It's tough to enjoy the golden years among bundles of old newspapers, stacks of store receipts, and collections [...]

How to help a hoarder

Despite the popularity of the TV show Hoarders, being a hoarder or living with one is far from entertaining. In fact, hoarders and their families face significant risks. If you collect antiques, books, old tools, and the like, it doesn’t mean you’re a hoarder. People who collect things enjoy their possessions, take pride in displaying [...]

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Respect and civility at work

Many behaviors commonly exhibited by employees can be detrimental to the well-being and productivity of coworkers. A lack of respect in the workplace, if left unchecked, will drag down morale, create higher turnover, and increase risks to the employer. Do you contribute to a respectful workplace? What signals are you sending? Respect is the regard [...]

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Teaching your child tolerance

America is the great "melting pot," a rich blend of cultural traditions from all over the world. Many American families can trace their histories to immigrant ancestors who traveled great distances, enduring risk and hardship, to make a home where they would be guaranteed basic freedoms. And for many American families these freedoms came with [...]

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Multi-racial children

Multiracial children are one of the fastest growing segments of the U.S. population. The number of mixed-race families in America is steadily increasing, due to a rise in interracial marriages and relationships, as well as an increase in trans-racial and international adoptions. Publicity surrounding prominent Americans of mixed cultural heritage, such as athletes, actors, musicians, [...]

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Overweight kids often shunned, bullied

Preteens who are overweight are often bullied or excluded from social activities, increasing their likelihood of anxiety and emotional problems, researchers say. Efforts to prevent or ease emotional distress among overweight students must address these negative and discriminatory behaviors, according to the authors of a new study. "The widespread misconception is that anyone who is [...]

Kids with gay or lesbian parents do just fine

A long-term study of children adopted by gay and lesbian parents has found that the kids are well-adjusted through middle childhood, researchers say.Nearly 100 two-parent families were included in the study, half had gay or lesbian parents. All had adopted children. The kids were assessed at two points: at preschool age, then five years later. [...]