Log in to work/life resources

If your employer has added web-based work/life services, you can access them by clicking the link above and logging in under your company name. Check with your employer for your eligibility or call FIRSTCALL at 1.800.382.2377 to find out the services included in your plan.

Online services are customized for each company and may include:

  • Family/caregiving module: A collection of web-based resources for managing the care and education of family members.
  • Resource centers: A collection of web-based modules offering articles, interactive self-assessments, audio clips, skill builders and further links. (This is also available in Spanish.)
  • Resource locators: Child/eldercare, all levels of education, locator databases, support articles, resource links and interactive tools.
  • Online updates: Monthly focus on topics that matter
  • Assisted searches: Some plans include an option that allows you to request, via the web, information on child/eldercare resources.
  • Live connect: enlists “chat technology” to allow you to communicate directly with a counselor specializing in child or eldercare, via the Web.
  • Savings center: Discounts on goods and services
  • Relocation center: Information on housing, schools and related topics
  • Online seminars: Monthly webinars on current topics
  • Learning center: Interactive lessons to improve your mental and physical health and relationships at work, school and home.
Log in to online legal resources

Our online legal resources offer:

  • Legal library
  • Financial library
  • Financial tools and calculators
  • Legal forms

A password is required for access to this site, which is available only to employees of FIRSTCALL companies and organizations who have selected this option. Call 1.800.382.2377 for your password.

For a consultation with an attorney or financial specialist, please call 1.800.382.2377. (Note: Employment Law is not covered by the legal plan.)