The services provided by FIRSTCALL are confidential.  No one—not your employer, supervisor, co-workers, family or friends—will know about your call or appointment.


  • 24/7 toll-free telephone line (1.800.382.2377) staffed live by qualified EAP consultants
  • Consultants are located in areas near employee homes and employer sites

Counseling services

  • Confidential face-to-face or telephonic consultation, problem definition and counseling plan
  • Comprehensive substance abuse assessment and risk evaluation.
  • Short-term counseling with solution-focused intervention
  • Follow-up includes satisfaction surveys and monitoring
  • Referral assistance for problems that cannot be resolved within the sessions allotted under the EAP or require a specialized service not available within the EAP

Work/life services

  • Employee legal and family mediation
  • Telephone or face-to-face consultation with a local attorney or family mediator
  • Financial consultation services with masters degree level financial professional


  • Online orientation for employees and family members
  • Service description and access information
  • Continually updated tips and advice pages supporting personal development and work productivity efforts
  • Family caregiving provider web resources with child/eldercare locators
  • Online legal resources—legal library, financial tools and calculators, and legal forms