Core services for the employer/manager

Core services for the employer/manager 2018-06-28T16:26:58-04:00

FIRSTCALL partners with employers to promote healthy workplaces.  We provide customized, organizational support services that help employers develop and implement business strategies for the effective management of their most valuable asset—their employees. With over 30 years experience in providing EAP services to companies of all types and sizes, we are well versed in understanding the culture and needs of a broad range of industries.

Our organizational support services include:

  • Expert, dedicated, responsive account management
  • Behavioral risk management services that can identify and resolve problems before they escalate.
  • Management/ supervisory consultation, coaching and referral services for managers who are dealing with challenging individuals or work groups. We are experienced in:
    • labor union/management processes
    • identifying substance abuse and referral
    • workplace based interpersonal relational difficulties
    • conflict resolution
    • team building
    • motivational challenges
    • identifying distressed employees
    • managing change
  • Conflict mediation for employees who are experiencing severe difficulties in working with each other and who compromise department productivity and morale.
  • On-site critical incident debriefing services to groups and individuals who have experienced workplace crisis or trauma including robbery, death of a client or employee, or workplace violence.
  • Seminars and education programs… for employers and employees including:
    • Balancing Work and Family Life
    • Building Resilience
    • Bullying in the Workplace
    • Care Giving
    • Communication Skills
    • Coping With Job Stress
    • Customer Service Skills
    • Detecting Substance Abuse in the Workplace
    • Effective Management Skills for Supervisors
    • Engaging the Multigenerational Workplace
    • Managing the Distressed Employee
    • Retirement Planning
  • Monthly Webinars available in real time and also on demand on FIRSTCALL’s website for participation at the user’s convenience.  Topics include:
    • A Healthier You: Nutrition, Fitness and Mental Health
    • Keeping Love Alive: Relationship Essentials
    • Let’s Sleep On It: Achieving Quality Sleep
  • Comprehensive program promotion and employee awareness marketing plans including on-site participation in Benefits fairs and open enrollment, online orientations and recurrent workplace eCommunications.
  • Online Orientation to familiarize employees with the service offerings
  • Quality assurance and improvement measures that exceed industry standards to guarantee that our services meet the highest quality standards.
  • Quarterly reports on program utilization and outcome
  • Annual reports on all program services

For more information, call 484.337.4411 or email the Director of Business Development.