FIRSTCALL, your Employee Assistance Program, can help when an employee’s performance, attendance or substance abuse issues impact the workplace. A Manager Referral can be an effective tool in improving productivity. Managers may refer an employee to the EAP, either as a suggestion or as part of a disciplinary process. A mandatory referral requires the employee to utilize the services of the EAP based on a documented violation of a stated company policy.

To initiate a manager referral, call 1.800.382.2377 to let us know the employee is being referred and the reason for the referral. Ask the employee to sign a Confidential Release of Information Form so that we can communicate his/her attendance at the EAP and compliance with EAP recommendations to you. Ask the employee to call 1.800.382.2377 to make an appointment.

Things to consider:

  • Is the referral mandatory?
  • Do your company’s written policies support making an EAP referral mandatory?
  • Does your policy outline stages of disciplinary actions and consequences to the employee?
  • Will failure to comply result in termination?
  • Do you have a written agreement outlining steps the employee must take in order to retain his/her job? This may be a Return to Work Agreement, a Continuing Employment Agreement or a Last Chance Agreement.
  • Has the employee signed a Confidential Release of Information Form so that the FIRSTCALL counselor can communicate with you regarding the employee’s attendance at the EAP?

For a consultation regarding policy development or dealing with a troubled employee, please contact your FIRSTCALL account manager.

For more information about how FIRSTCALL can help your company, please contact our director of business development or call 1.800.382.2377.