Here’s how you’ve tried to control your rising benefit costs:

Strategy 1: cost shifting

You’ve increased contributions, copays, and deductibles, but costs continue to go up. This strategy no longer works—additional cost shifting increases employee turnover.

Strategy 2: medical management

You’ve utilized Disease Management programs, but costs continue to go up. This strategy no longer works—costs for MRIs and surgical procedures have outpaced these programs’ ability to control them.

Strategy 3: behavior change is the key to success

Large medical claims drive up the costs to provide health care coverage for your employees. Healthier lifestyles, such as smoking cessation, stress or weight management, may reduce expensive medical care. FIRSTCALL helps employees who are at risk for large medical claims change their behavior and follow a healthier lifestyle. Healthier employees have lower medical expenses, take fewer sick days, and are more productive at work.

How does it work?

In addition to our core EAP, legal/financial, and work/life services, FIRSTCALL now offers a Wellness suite of services that includes Health Risk Assessments (HRA’s) and Wellness Coaching. Through a single toll-free telephone number, your employees may access the wide array of services that FIRSTCALL offers. Ease of access improves utilization and employee satisfaction, yet the program consolidation also reduces the number of vendors that need to be managed by your organization.

FIRSTCALL’s program begins with a Health Risk Assessment, complimented by a Wellness Coach that helps employees set and achieve personal goals such as smoking cessation, stress or weight management. We will partner with your organization to provide the right incentives that align with your culture and strategic objectives to engage your employees in the Wellness program.

When an employee demonstrates resistance to a healthier lifestyle behavior change, the Wellness Coach connects them back to a FIRSTCALL counselor. FIRSTCALL deploys appropriate resources and makes referrals to help your employees break through the barriers that prevent the behavior change. By making the connection between the Wellness Coach and the EAP, FIRSTCALL helps employees stay healthier and helps employers reduce benefits costs.

Through in-person counseling, telephone and Internet resourcing, innovative website programming and printed materials, FIRSTCALL provides the assistance employees and families need to address and resolve the personal, family and work/life issues that interfere with their ability to perform their job.