Our Provider Message Line is 844.333.2827.

FIRSTCALL operates throughout the Middle Atlantic States, serving a variety of types and sizes of employers through its broad range of customized employee assistance and work-life services.

Referral process

EAP Clients initially call our toll free number, 1.800.382.2377. Our Intake Counselors will gather demographics and clinical data and assess urgency. They will refer the client to a network provider by contacting the provider or his/her office staff directly or by leaving a confidential voice mail for the provider. They will include client’s name, employer, number of authorized sessions, intake number, contact information and a brief summary of the presenting problem. The provider should initiate contact with the client within 24 hours to arrange an appointment. Once an initial appointment is scheduled the provider should leave a message for FIRSTCALL Intake at 1.844.333.2827 with the appointment time and date. If for any reason the provider is unable to schedule the client, Intake should be notified as soon as possible so that another referral can be made.

Management referrals

Occasionally, a network provider may receive a referral to see a client who has been referred by his/her manager for disciplinary reasons. The employer (supervisor or Human Resources Department) may ask for verification of the client’s attendance at EAP sessions. Our intake staff will inform you at the time of referral that it is a Management Referral. The FIRSTCALL Account Manager assigned to that employer will coordinate communications with the employer. You will be contacted by the Account Manager for feedback on attendance and clinical status. A signed Release of Information to Employer Form is utilized in cases where the employer requests follow-up. The signed release should be faxed to the Account Manager at 484.337.4426.


Detailed messages for a client should not be left on voice mail or with a family member. Leave name, number and times you may be reached. Please instruct your office staff to be sensitive to the client’s right to confidentiality.

No verbal or written information about a client of the employee assistance program may be released to any individual outside of the program without the signed authorization of the client.

Network providers should contact FIRSTCALL if they receive a request for copies of client records.