Call the client back within 24 hours for non-urgent cases. If for any reason the provider is unable to schedule the referred client in a timely manner, FIRSTCALL’s intake department should be notified so that other referral arrangements can be made. Time and date of first appointment should be reported to our intake staff; otherwise a follow-up call will be made to the provider to ensure that a connection has been made with the client.


Offer appointments within 72 hours hours of a non-urgent referral if requested by the client, forty-eight (48) hours for urgent referrals and on the same business day for emergency referrals. Non-urgent appointments may be scheduled at a later time if agreeable to the client.


Provide the client with the number of hourly sessions determined by our intake counselors, based on the client’s EAP plan. In cases where ongoing therapy is indicated, it may be appropriate to refer the client to a provider within his/her health insurance benefit plan after the initial assessment/first EAP session.

Program statement

Review with and ask the client to sign the Program Statement and Consent to Disclosure Form at the beginning of the initial session and complete the Authorization Form after the last contact with the client. See Our forms page to obtain the forms.

Written record

Maintain a written record of initial assessment and all clinical contacts with EAP clients and retain record for a minimum of seven years from date of last contact. Such information shall include, but not be limited to: client presenting concerns, pertinent family, social, occupational, health and substance use/abuse history, mental status, clinical diagnosis and recommendations for appropriate intervention. See Our forms link for a suggested charting format.

Insurance referrals

Upon completion of authorized sessions, the provider should attempt to utilize the appropriate insurance network for referrals for ongoing treatment and clearly document the referral source name, address and telephone number. The provider should provide a minimum of three referral recommendations to the client, which may include the Provider.

Documentation requirements

Return to FIRSTCALL the Authorization Form and the Program Statement and Consent to Disclosure (see Our forms), and any necessary Release of Information Forms within fourteen days of the last session with the client in order to receive prompt reimbursement.

Special needs

Consult with FIRSTCALL’s Intake Coordinators regarding special needs of a client, inpatient referrals, or other extraordinary cases with a threat of violence or possible hospitalization.