Aging, eldercare and retirement

Seniors can maximize happiness by minimizing clutter

A place for everything… and everything all over the place. If this statement could replace the "Home Sweet Home" sign over your door—that is, if you can find the door—then you may have a problem with clutter. It's tough to enjoy the golden years among bundles of old newspapers, stacks of store receipts, and collections [...]

Your mentally stimulating job may help keep you sharp in retirement

Jobs that make good use of your intellect might have another benefit down the line—a sharper mind long after retirement. People with jobs that require problem solving, planning and information analysis appear more likely to retain a clear memory and keen reasoning as they grow older, said lead author Gwen Fisher, an assistant professor of [...]


According to the Merriam-Webster Dictionary, retirement is defined as “the withdrawal from one’s position or occupation or from active working life”. Retirement however, does not happen all in one day. Retirement is a complex process which involves a sea of emotions like any other major life transition. It starts with… Fantasy… This is a vision [...]

Preparing for retirement—more than money in the bank

Everywhere one turns today there is information about the importance of saving enough money for a comfortable and secure retirement. Sufficient financial resources in retirement are important, but according to psychologists who study retirement, money is only one part of the equation for a happy and productive life after one stops working. You also have [...]