Wellness at work

Mastering the principles of positive thinking

You can learn to think positively, and doing so can lead to greater self-confidence, more respect for others and achievement of your goals. The late Dr. Norman Vincent Peale's best-selling classic, The Power of Positive Thinking, has inspired millions of people in more than 130 countries. The principles it teaches are as timely today as [...]

Respect and civility at work

Many behaviors commonly exhibited by employees can be detrimental to the well-being and productivity of coworkers. A lack of respect in the workplace, if left unchecked, will drag down morale, create higher turnover, and increase risks to the employer. Do you contribute to a respectful workplace? What signals are you sending? Respect is the regard [...]

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Manage your stress at work

Job-related stress affects your work performance and can spill over into your personal life. So, learning how to manage stress at work can help you both at home and on the job. The Cleveland Clinic suggests how to manage stress at work: Keep a running, prioritized "to-do" list of tasks. Let your boss know if [...]

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Find a healthy balance

Establishing a healthy balance between office responsibilities and home life can help boost your health and well-being. The American Council on Exercise suggests how to balance work time and home life: After work, unplug, relax and leave your work at the office. Focus fully on one thing at a time without letting your mind wander [...]

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Banish burnout

Job stress can drain you. You may start to feel you’re getting nowhere. You grow detached. There’s a word for this: burnout. And it’s bad news for you, those around you, and your employer. Ignoring burnout could raise your risk for stress-related illnesses, derail your enjoyment of life, and impair your job performance. So take [...]

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Substance abuse taxes the American workplace

Substance abuse exacts a heavy toll on the American workplace, a new analysis shows. Employees who struggle with drinking and drug addiction miss many more days of work, have higher health care costs and are less productive than those without these disorders, researchers report. An analysis revealed that employees with substance use disorders miss nearly [...]

Your mentally stimulating job may help keep you sharp in retirement

Jobs that make good use of your intellect might have another benefit down the line—a sharper mind long after retirement. People with jobs that require problem solving, planning and information analysis appear more likely to retain a clear memory and keen reasoning as they grow older, said lead author Gwen Fisher, an assistant professor of [...]

Losing weight at work

Losing weight may be tricky when you have a challenging career. Consider the many potential saboteurs: having little time to exercise, eating out frequently for business events, and facing the constant temptation of cookie trays. Your weight is controlled by the number of calories you eat balanced against the number of calories you use. To [...]

Stop workplace bullying

What is workplace bullying? Workplace bullying is a pattern of behavior that harms, intimidates, undermines, offends, degrades or humiliates an employee, possibly in front of other employees, clients or customers. It is a serious health and safety issue. The targets of bullying may suffer from physical and mental health problems that can last for many [...]