Financial concerns

Money tops Americans’ list of stressors

Money continues to be the leading cause of stress for Americans, a recent survey finds. Overall, stress in the United States is at a seven-year low, and average stress levels are declining, the American Psychological Association poll found. But money worries continue to nag at the American psyche, despite the ongoing economic recovery, the association [...]

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Plan for future health care bills

Many Americans mistakenly believe Medicare or Medicaid will pay for their long-term care. However, Medicare only pays for care for short periods—and it doesn’t cover those who need help with activities of daily living. That accounts for most of the services Americans need. Likewise, Medicaid only pays for care if you need a lot of [...]

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Aging brain may have more trouble with financial decisions

Years of research have produced conflicting findings on aging's effects on brainpower. Now, a recent study says that people aged 65 to 90 are significantly less likely than their younger counterparts to make what researchers define as rational decisions regarding money. Not surprisingly, they're also more averse to financial risk than middle-aged people, but not [...]

For greater happiness, spend your money on ‘life experiences’

Buying so-called "life experiences" makes Americans happier than material goods, such as cars, but they tend to favor the latter in the mistaken belief that they provide better value, according to a new study. Researchers interviewed people before and after they made purchases and found that consumers felt life experiences—like a weekend trip—made them happier [...]

When the stakes turn toxic: learn about problem gambling

Anyone who’s bought a lottery ticket or played bingo has gambled. Gambling is any game of chance in which money changes hands. It’s common in most cultures around the world. Many people enjoy gambling as recreation without causing harm to themselves or others. Yet some people can’t control their impulse to gamble, even when it [...]

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Dollars and sense: talking to your children about the economy

In this time of extreme economic stress, it can be difficult to leave the problems of the economy off the kitchen table. Fears about mortgages, college tuition, retirement, and day-to-day expenses haunt the halls of many family homes. Children are extremely resilient. However, children are often keenly aware of tension in the household, whether it [...]