Survival tips for holiday road trips

If you're among the millions of Americans planning to hit the highway over the holidays, it's important to anticipate bumps in the road, according to a group dedicated to public education and advocacy. These travel issues can include heavy traffic and hungry children, as well as unexpected challenges, such as bad weather or an accident, [...]

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Holiday stress? It’s all relative

"Home for the holidays" sounds heartwarming, but it can easily morph into "the nightmare before (and during) Christmas." The hectic weeks from Thanksgiving to New Year's Day are already chock-full of obligations. The thought of spending time with family members capable of pushing your every button can make you dream of a tropical island getaway. [...]

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Holiday health and safety tips

The holidays are a time to celebrate, give thanks, and reflect. They are also a time to pay special attention to your health. Give the gift of health and safety to yourself and others by following these holiday tips. Wash your hands often. Keeping hands clean is one of the most important steps you can [...]

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Start some healthy holiday traditions

The month of December can produce extra stress, a breakdown in healthy eating habits, even depression. But you and your family can adopt some new traditions that may help relieve the season's stress and make your holidays healthy and happy. Your physical health When the holidays become more than you bargained for, your physical health [...]

Keep kids safe this Halloween

Don't let kids' Halloween fun be spoiled by real-life injury scares. "Parents should educate kids on the true phantoms of the night while trick-or-treating," said Dr. Steven Frick, a pediatric orthopedic surgeon and spokesman for the American Academy of Orthopaedic Surgeons (AAOS). "They aren't ghosts and goblins. Instead, they'll need to watch out for aggressive [...]

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Have a hazard-free Halloween

When we think of Halloween, we picture children laughing in colorful costumes, jack-o'-lanterns glowing in house windows, and buckets brimming with candy and treats. Experts warn, however, that this fun-filled night can pose safety hazards. An alternative is to throw a Halloween party and invite kids, rather than have them out on the street. If [...]

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Halloween health and safety tips

Fall celebrations like Halloween and Harvest Day are fun times for children, who can dress up in costumes, enjoy parties, and eat yummy treats. These celebrations also provide a chance to give out healthy snacks, get physical activity, and focus on safety. Check out these tips to help make the festivities fun and safe ... [...]

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Could your ‘Holiday Blues’ be Seasonal Affective Disorder?

Some people who think they have the holiday blues may actually have seasonal affective disorder (SAD), an expert suggests. "SAD usually occurs in those who already are diagnosed or afflicted with a type of depression. It occurs with the change of the seasons, beginning in the fall and staying with you throughout the cold, dark [...]

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How much do you know about holiday weight gain?

Here’s a holiday gift you don’t need: a few extra pounds. Fortunately, you can take steps to enjoy the season’s special occasions while maintaining a balanced, healthy diet—and your weight. To assess how much you know about holiday weight gain, decide if the following statements are true or false, then check your answers. Many Americans [...]

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